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My name is Damian Heim, I am the Managing Owner of Handmade Homes and here is a little bit about me.
I grew up in a small farm town in North Eastern Iowa. While growing up I worked on farms and during high school I worked for Custom Pre-Cast setting slats for the construction of hog confinement buildings. After high school, I spent just over 4 Years in the United States Marine Corps.
Shortly after my Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps I married my beautiful wife, Jennifer. Upon moving to Oklahoma, I started working construction on the side. I found that I really enjoyed it and went to work for a small home building company and helped them grow to one of the largest home building companies in Oklahoma.
After 13 years, together I decided that I wanted to start my own home building company. So with a great understanding of the home building business I got started and Handmade Homes was born. We have been building since 2014 specializing in energy efficient homes.
Going forward as Handmade Homes grows I will continue to oversee every home and check every build site to give our customers the best home building experience possible. I look forward to helping you get the home of your dreams.

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Damian Heim

(405) 824-6954

Homes by Handmade Homes

532 Old Creek Rd.

532 Old Creek Rd., Edmond, OK, 73034

Style: Farmhouse

Square Feet: 3485

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3.5

Price With Lot: $906,100

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